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來源:http://www.garage-1.com 發布人:admin 日期:2019-12-30

  Seven tips to help you solve the recruitment problem for startups


  The biggest problem that entrepreneurs are facing now is the lack of talents. Lack of excellent talents!


  If you ask an entrepreneur, what is the biggest problem they face now?


  Most entrepreneurs will say that there is a lack of talent, lack of talent! Lack of excellent talent!


  From the post-investment work of investment institutions, in addition to financial, legal, brand and market work, the biggest post-investment work is to help the invested companies recruit talents and find suitable talents.


  So how should start-ups recruit employees? Today, Zhang Xiaoyan, founding partner of Meihua Venture Capital, gives seven suggestions:


  Seven strokes


  1, kill.


  The first batch of employees, especially the core cadres, do not expect other recruitment channels, can only kill familiar people, deceive their acquaintances, colleagues, brothers, alumni, friends and friends... If you can't "cheat" people around you to work with you, it's even more impossible to cheat outsiders. Besides talking about money, you have to talk about vision and the future. The founder has to instill in these people the same story as when he talks about investments, which is often called brainwashing.

  2. 通過適當的渠道開展招聘

  2. Recruitment through appropriate channels

  當然,不要到XX、XXX等招聘網站(不知名,創業者可以體驗一下)購買廣告和簡歷,到未來你會發現大部分簡歷都是垃圾,讓人無從下手。對候選人的創業公司控制成本,質量,更好是去一些技術論壇,一些類似的水木社區大學背景等互聯網是喜歡看知乎混了一張熟悉的面孔,如果你是一個大V BBS,加上公司描述清晰,可能會吸引一些志趣相投的人。

  Of course, do not go to XX, XXX and other recruitment sites (unknown, entrepreneurs can experience) to buy advertising and resumes, to the future you will find that most resumes are garbage, people can not start. To control the cost and quality of a candidate's startup company, it's better to go to some technical forums, some similar Shuimu community college background and other Internet is like to see a familiar face, if you are a big V BBS, plus the company's clear description, may attract some like-minded people.


  3. Seek help from HR you know

  中等或更大公司的人力資源經理的簡歷或多或少是無用的。對他們來說,這可能是一件小事,但對初創企業來說,這是一個寶庫,因為其中一些人可能特別適合在初創企業工作。通常他們的學歷不高,工作經驗不是閃亮,更在外包公司工作,但勝在是一個主人,和品牌公司,環境不是那么挑剔,敏感的薪水,如果面試的結果是好的,對于這樣一個人應該直接的基礎上他的預期加薪15% - 20%,這些人將核心領導的指導下,公司的“主力”和強有力的支持。

  The resumes of HR managers in medium or larger companies are more or less useless. For them, this may be a trivial matter, but for start-ups, it is a treasure house, because some of them may be particularly suited to work in start-ups. Usually their education is not high, their work experience is not shining, and they work in outsourcing companies, but the winner is a master, and brand company, the environment is not so critical, sensitive salary, if the interview results are good, for such a person should be based directly on his expected salary increase of 15% - 20%, these people will be the guidance of the core leadership. Next, the company's "main force" and strong support.

  4. 找到一個獵頭

  4. Find a headhunter

  許多初創公司不想在獵頭身上花太多錢,但就像任何費用一樣,一旦你獲得了投資回報率(ROI),你就必須花正確的錢。但重要的是要注意,公司不能委托搜索所有的招聘,主要招聘工作特別是在早期必須由其創始人,但每個創始人背景不同,如果你在你的人脈圈找到合適的候選人和迫切和關鍵位置,選擇一個負責任的獵頭,主動提高搜索率相對有效,畢竟,大多數獵頭公司都不愿意服務初創公司,BAT比服務公司,如何說服求職者加入創業公司要難得多,但如果搜索率要比平均水平高出20% - 30%,大多數獵頭公司都愿意嘗試賺錢。

  Many start-ups don't want to spend too much money on headhunters, but like any fee, once you get ROI, you have to spend the right money. But it's important to note that companies can't Commission search for all recruits. The main job is to recruit their founders, especially in the early stage. But each founder has a different background. If you find the right candidate and urgent and key position in your circle of contacts, it's relatively effective to choose a responsible headhunter and take the initiative to improve the search rate. However, most headhunters are reluctant to serve startups. BAT is much more difficult than service companies to persuade job seekers to join startups. But if the search rate is 20% - 30% higher than the average, most headhunters are willing to try to make money.

  5. 做公關時招聘

  5. Recruitment in PR


  New product launch, fund raising, whenever there is an opportunity, the founder should spare no effort to recruit.

  6. 把用戶變成產品的粉絲,更后變成員工

  6. Turn users into fans of products and eventually employees


  This belongs to a higher level of play, entrepreneurs themselves to understand it, until one day someone volunteered to join your company, then you are not far from success.

  7. 向你的投資者尋求幫助

  7. Ask your investors for help


  Investment companies now say they value investment and help portfolio recruitment is one of the most important parts of investment.


  In fact, for a start-up company, the most important thing is that the founder should build his company into a pearl. The core attraction of talents is to attract talents to join the company through company performance, founder's personal charm and profit sharing.